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Trevi at Night & Day Vintage

Trevi Vintage Design is proud to announce that Night & Day Vintage (located at 39 West 11th Avenue in Denver) is now carrying hand-sewn napkins, pillows, and tea towels in gorgeous Mid-Mod inspired prints.  Not only that, but they go great with your vintage home goods.  Don’t have any?  Night & Day Vintage is a hidden gem of vintage goodies.
















Here I am with our napkins in the Night & Day shop!

photo 2 (4)






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Products I love – Floetrol

Floetrol is a staple product in the Trevi workshop.  This clear latex paint additive (available at Home Depot)used to reduce the appearance of brush marks.  What does this mean for your next painting project?  A much more professional looking finish.  Just use the ratio on the bottle to add the right amount to your paint.  A little goes a long way so this product should last you a while.  Combine this with a great roller brush and you will be absolutely amazed at the results.  Not only that, but adding this to your latex paints allows them to be sprayed like an oil based paint.


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Customer Pics: Karla’s Trevi Finds

I am so grateful for my wonderful customers who are willing to share pics of their new furnishings in their homes!  This week’s pics come from Karla, who has purchased a lovely Emerald Campaign Hutch, and two awesome dressers from Trevi.  Thanks again Karla for sharing these pics!

100_1263 100_1266 (1) 100_1261

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Blogger Lust: Bri Emery of Design Love Fest – www.designlovefest.com


Beware, it is easy to spend hours on Bri Emery’s Design Love Fest Blog. She has an amazing eye for design that has led to features Elle Décor, Apartment Therapy, HGTV, and Lucky Magazine. Bri also is the co founder of BlogSho (http://iheartblogshop.com/), a traveling two-day workshop run by Bri + co-founder Angela, teaching blogers and small biz owners photoshop skills to set their site apart from the rest.

20110611blogshop_4919 copy

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 2.27.18 PM
Did I mention – some of the BEST DIY projects around on this site. So awesome!


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Sweet William Market

Trevi had the opportunity to participated in this summers Sweet William Market’s July show – which was awesome!  We met loads of great people and got to share our vintage furnishings and accessories with Stapleton.

final 7


final 12

We also gave away a great Mid Century Stool to a lucky Stapleton winner!

final 3_edited_web

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New Product – Trevi Chalkboard Paint

We are happy to share a new item with our customers:  chalkboard paint!  Now you can join in the refurbishing fun at home – the possibilities are endless!  Try painting on raw wood and using it as a “to do” list for your office or to plan out dinners for the week.  Great for kids tabletops or paint an accent wall that your little ones can color all over!


  1. Mix well with a paint stirrer, carefully break up any clumps
  2. Apply chalkboard paint to raw wood or primed surface with sponge roller or paintbrush. Work in small sections to ensure even coverage.
  3. Once dry, lightly sand with 220-400 grit sandpaper
  4. Condition by rubbing side of chalk over entire area then wipe off with a damp rag

*Be sure to allow plenty of time to dry before writing on your new chalkboard!

Available for purchase: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreviVintageDesign?ref=si_shop


980 2 _DSC0590

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Blogger Lust: Justina Blakeney – blog.justinablakeney.com

blog.justinablakeney.com – Bright colors. Easy DIY inspirations. Interior styling classes available on Skillshare.com. Need I say more? Justina Blakeney’s blog of diverse posts with influence from her travels abroad make her portfolio of company branding, home styling and décor stand out from the rest.


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DIY – Patina Your Brass Hardware

Changing up the hardware on a piece of furniture can be one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to modernize a piece.  I love using original hardware if possible, but am not always a huge fan of the sometimes dull, dark look of brass.

To add shine and vibrant color to your brass pulls, remove them from the piece and place them in a bath of white vinegar (white vinegar should be poured in glass container such as a pyrex glass baking dish).  Add salt to the solution (around a Tbsp of salt for every cup of vinegar) and let sit overnight.  Depending on the hardware, sometimes more or less time is needed.  If you don’t notice a big difference, agitate the solution occasionally or take out hardware, sprinkle with salt and let dry before placing back into vinegar bath.  Keep hardware in until you get desired level of patina.

photo 2 (83) photo 1 (83)_DSC1044

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Products I love – Bin Zinsser Primer

Primer is such a great product to keep in mind for your next painting project.  There are pros and cons to using oil vs water based primers, but either is important for a professional looking finish that stays put!  My personal favorite is BIN Zinsser Primer – a shellac based primer sticks to loads of surfaces (laminate, wood, and metal to name a few) and is great at covering stains.  It dries fast, but be sure to use with lots of ventilation and a respirator – the odor is no joke and hazardous.

Depending on the surface, I apply with a foam brush or roller and lightly sand with a 400 grit sandpaper after it has dried. Don’t invest too much cash in your brush, since it is NOT water based, cleanup is tough, and you may end up tossing your brush when finished.  To ensure full, even coverage, I will often put on a second coat and lightly sand again before painting.  Once dry, you will have a smooth, even surface to start painting on!  It is an extra step in the process, but completely worth it and may even save you a coat or two of paint!


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