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DIY – Patina Your Brass Hardware

Changing up the hardware on a piece of furniture can be one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to modernize a piece.  I love using original hardware if possible, but am not always a huge fan of the sometimes dull, dark look of brass.

To add shine and vibrant color to your brass pulls, remove them from the piece and place them in a bath of white vinegar (white vinegar should be poured in glass container such as a pyrex glass baking dish).  Add salt to the solution (around a Tbsp of salt for every cup of vinegar) and let sit overnight.  Depending on the hardware, sometimes more or less time is needed.  If you don’t notice a big difference, agitate the solution occasionally or take out hardware, sprinkle with salt and let dry before placing back into vinegar bath.  Keep hardware in until you get desired level of patina.

photo 2 (83) photo 1 (83)_DSC1044

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